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UX Design.

Information Architecture

UI Design.

Interface Design
Responsive Website

Design a landing page for Mozilla’s new Firefox Reality Browser.

Firefox Reality is a web browser that you use entirely inside a VR headset. You’re able to visit URLs, search, and browse 2D and 3D content on the internet. No mouse required. Firefox Reality was explicitly designed to tackle all of the new opportunities (and challenges) that come with browsing in VR.

The Challenge.
Only have one shot.

This project was a tight turnaround. With 4, very, very short days alongside other projects going on with similar timeframes and deadlines, there was no room for error or revisions. They wanted something different that would stick out from the rest of their products but remain on-brand.

Senior Designer.

I was responsible for the UX, UI and responsive design. The Mozilla team provided the copy. Once the design and copy were approved, I worked with the developer on implementation and fine-tuning.

The Outcome.
We have liftoff!

The website launched on-time with zero issues. The Mozilla stakeholders were elated with the results, and the landing page continues to drive users to the new VR browser.