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Founding a digital design studio.

In March of 2015, I founded a digital marketing and design studio, The Good Craft Co. It was an independent, multidisciplinary design studio built on the premise of good old-fashioned hard work, with a core belief in treating people and their businesses right.

The goal was to create a design studio that offered affordable, high-end design solutions and services, without the bureaucratic red tape and unproductive billable hours that drive up project costs.

Everyone was hands-on and close to the work. The approach was based on the belief that those closest to the work are in the best possible position to understand and address the solution. As a result, we could charge less for the same quality of service one would get from a larger agency.

The Challenge.
No money. Mo’ problems.

Create a business with little to no startup capital. Create a brand that communicates the down-to-earth values: We care, Quality rather than quantity, Simplicity rules, A fair deal, Pursuit of excellence, It’s all about the work.

Founder / Creative.

The team consisted of myself, Miyoko Gorges, a small group of freelancers. The board of advisors was Brett Petersel, Austin Grisham and Eric Powell.

I led strategic decision making in brand design, product design, marketing, strategy, business development, and client relationships. Managed marketing campaigns through multiple websites and social channels. Led the creative direction and execution of all brand and client deliverables. Learned the struggles and challenges of starting a business.

The Outcome.
It failed — and that’s okay.

The company gained momentum early on, and clients were thrilled with the service they received. Projects were very successful. Some of the clients I worked with at the time are still clients to this day.

However, due to the struggles of finding time to execute and obtain new business in parallel, The Good Craft Co. closed its doors one year and eight months after its launch. Many lessons were learned about the struggles of starting a new business.